Military Records

As with all veterans benefits, your County Veterans Service Office can assist you with
retrieving your records and updating your discharge information. Please call us at (419)668-4150 or Locate the contact info for your County Veteran Services by following this link:

(Click here for a list of Ohio County Veteran Service Offices)


   The Ohio Department of Veterans Services has discharge papers from the early to mid 1900s
to current for those veterans that enlisted from Ohio and requested a copy go back to the State.
They also record wartime bonus records prior to 1993.

 A request form will be completed and sent to:

Ohio Department of Veteran Services
77 South High Street, 7th floor
Columbus, Ohio 43215

OR it may be faxed to (614) 728-9498

The form MUST be signed by the Veteran.

Records for County Veterans Service Officers - DPRIS

DPRIS stands for Defense Personnel Records Information Retrieval System. It is an online gateway granting access (to authorized and approved users) to official military personnel records on demand and in near real-time through secure system-to-system interfaces. DPRIS enables users to retrieve document images from the Military Services' Official Military Personnel File (OMPF). 
Click here to review our DPRIS system policy.
If you already have a DPRIS user account, click here to log in to the system.
Click here to see a detailed tutorial on how to use the DPRIS system.
To be authorized to access the DPRIS system, County Veterans Service Officers must do the following:
  1. Download, complete, and sign the Agreement to Protect Confidential Personal Information form.
    Mail the completed form to the Ohio Department of Veterans Services (See address above) or scan the completed form and email it to ODVS at
  2. Create a user account in DPRIS
           a) Go to the website If you receive a security warning, click the "continue to  
              this website" link.
           b) Click the "Register Now" button at the bottom right-hand corner of the webpage.
           c) Click the "Accept" button in response to the Privacy and Security statement.
           d) Enter ODVS_12212012 in the Agency ID field and click the "Submit" button.
           e) On the following webpage, fill out the new user registration form completely. Remember to select        
              manager--click the "Select Manager" drop-down button and select "Tom Gase."
           f) Click "Submit" to submit the completed form. An email will be sent to the manager for final approval.
           g) Once all submitted paperwork has been confirmed, your account will be approved.
           NOTE: You will receive an email message confirming that your account is ready.
           This could take a number of days after you request the account.
       3. Download and complete the Consent to Release or Obtain Information Form.
            After the form is completed by the CVSO, it must be signed by the veteran granting authorization. The          
            signed form must then be retained in the veteran's file at the County Veterans Service Office.
       4. Once the Consent Form has been completed, the CVSO will be given access to DPRIS.
            Go to the DPRIS website login page at to access as needed.



Click here to visit the Ohio National Guard Website. If you served in the Ohio National
Guard your discharge would be archived here rather than with the Ohio Department of
Veterans Services. There is a massive amount of information here including information
on how to obtain your ONG records.

Click here to visit the National Archives in St. Louis, Mo. Select Military Personnel
Records Option (Fees May apply). or call them at (866) 272-6272.

Click here to visit the National Archives and Records Administration in College Park, Md
or call them at (866) 272-6272 (fees may apply)